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14 July 2011 @ 09:59 am
I finally managed to get online for a few minutes. I'm gonna post a couple fics I managed to get written and also this weird ramble thing I wrote the other night when I couldn't sleep or write.



So, I haven't been sleeping; the heat is fucken killing me. I'm finally getting my air conditioner this weekend, so that might help. I also haven't been able to write anything at all in almost a week. Which is worse then the low grade headaches I get from the heat and not sleeping. Plus, my family came to visit and it's been...interesting. Just once, I'd like to see a holiday where someone in my family wasn't either fighting or arrested. It might be a nice change is all I'm saying.


Not writing means my brain is even more prone to weirdness then usual, if you can believe it. One of the many strange things I came up with when I was trying to lay down yesterday shows just how big of a geek I am. Or maybe a nerd; I can never keep them straight. Since it ties into wrestling, I thought I'd share it with you guys.


I'm not sure anyone knows or even cares, lol, but I read two other fandoms besides wrestling; Star Trek:2009 and Supernatural. Side note: if anyone knows where I can find some decent fanfic for either one of those, I would love you forever.


In Star Trek:2009 my fave pairing is Spock/Kirk. Typical, I know, but I can't help myself; Spock is fucken adorable and Kirk is all kinds of awesome. Besides, the original Spock and Kirk are the first ever bromance in recorded history.


Vulcans have this word, t'hy'la, that means friend, brother, lover. Not just one of them, but all three, at the same time. I think the friend and lover part is self explanatory, but when they say brother, they don't mean blood brother. Not that I'm against incest in fanfiction; I started reading wrestling fanfic in the late '90's and as any long time fanfic reader knows that means Hardycest, lol, and in Supernatural my fave pairing is Sam/Dean. It's more like in the way they bond, through experiences and other things.


It struck me as something that is actually really romantic without being sappy. I mean, especially when you look at who came up with it. But that's not really the point. The point is I was thinking about that and automatically three of my fave pairings came to mind. T'hy'la reminds me of these guys in the best way possible.


My favorite and the one I write most often is, of course, the Guns. Words alone can't express my love for these two. Even if you take the slash away it's obvious to anyone who takes the time to look, that they have a deep friendship that guys -hell, that people in general very rarely have. Most of my friends are guys and I can tell you from observation and experience, that the way the Guns act with each other is not the norm for guys. At least, not guys that I know. Hell, half the time they can't be bothered to admit they need friends. Maybe it's a wrestling thing, but just the level of affection Sabin and Shelley have for each other goes above and beyond what you'd expect to see from almost anyone. And the fact that they're not afraid to show it makes it even better. And once you add in the slash, well, it makes it even yummier. It's hard to say exactly why the Guns are at the top of almost every wrestling list I have, but the way they look at each other might be a big reason for that. They've been friends since...'01, '02, I believe, and if this is the type of show we get treated to nine years in, could you imagine how hot they'll be in fifteen years? Or twenty years? The fact that I can state without a doubt that I'm 100% positive that they will be attached at the hip for even longer then that puts them firmly in this category for me.


Now, Punk and Colt. I know Punk's not everyone's cup of tea; he's so perfect as a heel that it seems to carry over into rl and people loathe him on sight. But one of the things I absolutely fucken adore about Punk is the fact that he loves his bff. I don't think anyone who's watched WWE in the past couple weeks can deny that. And let's not forget the infamous t-shirt incident of late 2010. In a business where people turn on each other on a daily basis, they've been friends for thirteen years. And in a company where mentioning anything that isn't approved by the big boss can get you fined and lectured, Punk has promoted Colt both silently and vocally -very vocally. Even a $5000 fine didn't turn his head. It's not that the five grand didn't mean anything to him, it's that it didn't mean as much to him as Colt does. Vince is scrambling to resign Punk now, but in my opinion, he lost Punk the day he fired Colt without even giving him a chance to do anything. They haven't wrestled for the same promotion since '05 -except for the cringe worthy half a year that Colt was in WWE as Scotty Goldman; wtf was Vince thinking?!- and they're still best friends. They hang out all the time; they live two blocks away from each other for fuck sakes. And during that huge snowstorm last winter, Colt walked those two blocks to keep his bestie company when his power went out. Punk was the second ever guest on AOW and numerous times Colt's been over at Punk's apartment while he was recording other interviews for AOW. Colt puts Punk over every chance he gets and vice versa. Punk has no reason do that other then the fact that he loves Colt. He has to, it makes no sense otherwise; especially when you consider that he's a self admitted asshole to most of the general population -including fans and other wrestlers. Maybe it's just me, but the fact that Punk signed with WWE and made millions and Colt, for the most part, is in the indies barely making enough for his rent and food, the simple fact that these two are still that fucken tight blows my mind. Add in the fact that they're both so damn vocal about it and how affectionate they are when they're in the ring together and when they're out and about, and it puts them squarely on my fave pairings list.


And last, but definitely not least, Adam and Jay. Or, for the kayfabe inclined, Edge and Christian. While I was very inclined toward Hardycest when I first started reading fanfic, the first actual slash pairing I ever read was E&C. As Adam mentioned during his retirement speech, they've been best friends for twenty seven years. Twenty seven years. That's so unbelievable, it's borderline retarded. Twenty seven years. Since grade school they've been tight. From wrestling as Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage to the Suicide Blondes to The Brood to E&C to Edge vs Christian, they've had each others backs. Even when Jay jumped ship and went to TNA, they still stayed close. Adam could've thrown Jay under the bus any time -there was no question of who Vince preferred, then and now. But he didn't; he campaigned for Jay, time and time again. And if rumors can be believed -which they can't always, but I happen to believe this one- Adam petitioned pretty heavily for Vince to rehire Jay. He had no reason to do that, none. His career had already taken off; Vince had already proven who he had a hard on for in the E&C duo and we all know how vindictive Vince can be, he has no problem cutting off his nose to spite his face. There was every chance that by speaking up for Jay, Adam could have shot himself in the foot -but he did it anyway. Because he loved Jay -and still does. When Adam found out he had to retire, the first person he called was Jay. Not his girlfriend, not even his mom, who the whole world knows he's still super close to. Jay was the best man at both of Adam's weddings and Adam stood up for Jay at his. And the dedication in Adam's book? 'To the brother I never had in real life and the brother I do have on TV, this is for you'. And have you ever looked at Jay's twitter? It's full of tweets about, what exactly? Random shit, mostly, but do you know what's noticeably absent from it? His wife. Yeah, you know, that other blonde he's supposedly in love with? I mean, he's always mentioning his cats and Adam, but nothing about her. They should just move in together. At this point in their lives, they've been in a relationship with each other for longer then any girl could ever hope to come close to. And as for the slash part of it, did you not see the two or three weeks after Adam retired and he kept coming out to congratulate Jay? They couldn't keep their hands off of each other. And who would want them to? It's like I've always said: one guy is hot, two guys are hotter.


Wow, that was super long and barely coherent. I feel like I should apologize for rambling on. I won't, but I feel like I should. Well, night, peeps. Hope you have an easier time sleeping then I do.

That's about it, I think. Enjoy the stories, peeps. Oh, and sorry about clogging up yourf ist. My bad.
retroginger: muppet-MSTretroginger on July 15th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
I like your geeky randomness:)

I'm a fan of Star Trek 2009 (also of TNG) and a huge fan of Supernatural, but I haven't ventured into reading fanfics of either those yet. With Sam and Dean suppose to be brothers it might take me a little while to get use to slashing them, but parts of that show certainly imply that.

When you said the definition of t'hy'la I immediately thought of the Guns, but the other two pairings fit too. I knew they were close, but I hadn't known all that about Punk/Cabana. That seems unusually thoughtful/sweet for Punk.

darkangel_0410darkangel_0410 on July 15th, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
Aw, I'm glad somebody likes it, lol.

TNG is a great show; I might as well confess to being a complete geek and admit that I watched all the Star Trek series. Not every single episode of every series, but I've seen at least a couple from each. Oh, the fic from 2009 is...well, some of it's pretty good but most of it is fucken crap. Especially if you go on fanfiction.net *shudders*

I LOVE Sam/Dean and from the first episode I was like 'are these guys brothers or boyfriends?' and I haven't looked back since. Interesting sidenote: my own bf at the time still complains to this day that I've ruined Supernatural for him cause of my slashing. Fic for that is hit and miss as well, so it can get kinda frustrating looking for some.

The Guns define that word for me. They're so tight, it's so cool to see it. And you're right, Punk's usually not that sweet/thoughtful -but apparently he makes the exception for Colt. Can't really blame him, either. Have you seen Colt smile?? I'd have trouble being mean to him, too.